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Karuna means compassion in action.  Karuna changes the way we perceive and respond to emotional distress.  


With Karuna, suffering becomes an opportunity to cultivate resilience and purpose.  For people living with a psychiatric diagnosis, Karuna becomes hope.

The program is designed for people seeking to learn new approaches for exploring voices, visions, and unique beliefs.

Discover your full potential.

“The Karuna Conference was an excellent experience. One that is helping to bring effective healing modalities to the forefront of our consciousness to help those who truly need it!”

Kahseim Outlaw, Karuna Conference 2018

Instructor at The Graduate Institute and High School Wellness Educator.


“My heart is full after today's Karuna conference. The organizers did a great job creating a welcoming space that honored human connection."

Caroline Mazel-Carlton, Karuna Conference 2017.

Hearing Voices USA Board of Directors and Director of Training of the Wildflower Alliance.

What is Karunā?


"What an opportunity for growth, awareness and support. No matter who you are or where you are coming from, you will be welcome and you will LEARN! Absolutely Wonderful. I think every MH professional and every person going through a difficult time or who has had a difficult journey will gain knowledge and be able to grow through this. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Annonymous - 2021 Online Karuna Conference


Compassion in Action - The Karunā Conference


Karunā is a Sanskrit word that translates to compassion.  Sanskrit is the ancient language of India. Although it is no longer a commonly spoken language, many languages are rooted in Sanskrit.


Karunā is one of the four immeasurable virtues in Buddhism - along with loving-kindness, joy, and equanimity. In Sanskrit, these virtues are called the brahmavihārās, and they are intentionally contemplated during meditation to cultivate an enlightened state of mind.


Compassion, loving-kindness, joy, and equanimity is present within each of us. Cultivating these virtues and shifting our internal experience to embody them takes time and focus. 


However, we know it is possible. We are living proof.  Won’t you join us as we put Karunā into action, together?

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People with Masks

COVID-19 | Capacity is reduced to 75%. 


Social distancing is encouraged and space is available. 


Masks and hand sanitizer is available for all guests. 


Masks are encouraged, and required for un-vaccinated guests. 

Advocacy Unlimited is a Connecticut nonprofit that provides holistic, peer-led education, advocacy, and support.  We believe that all people - regardless of socio-economic status or psychiatric history - possess the innate capacity to heal, in connection with others. All people have the right to live a life of self-defined purpose.

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