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8:30 Check In

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Intro to Thinking & Learning

9:45 Thursday Morning Keynote | Kahseim Outlaw

11:00 Thursday Morning Breakouts

Salon A | Applying the values of the Voice Hearing Movement: A Model for Dialogue

Salon B | Breathwork for Recovery

Salon B | Safety, Trust, & Support: Continuing the Conversation

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Thursday Afternoon Keynote | Brittany Quagan

1:30 Thursday Afternoon Breakouts

Salon A | Can You Hear Me Now? - Peer Support Groups and the CT Hearing

Voices Network

Salon B | Sacred Vibrational Frequencies with Muva Nature Healing

Salon C | Redefining Possibilities: Continuing the Conversation

2:45 Facilitated Co-Reflection & Group Integration

3:30 Closing


8:30 Check In

9:00 Welcome Back

9:15 Morning Facilitated Co-Reflection & Group Integration

9:45 Friday Morning Keynote | Peter Bullimore

11:00 Friday Morning Breakouts

Salon A | Esoteric Dance

Salon B | Maastricht Interview for Voice Hearing & Paranoia

Salon C | Experiential Context Training: Can we use guided visualization to build

empathy and Improve services?

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Friday Afternoon Keynote | Ragnar Freidank

1:30 Friday Afternoon Breakouts

Salon A | Conscious Studies Think Tank

Salon B | Introduction to Reiki for Healthcare Providers Hilary Rudenauer

Salon C | The “Alternatives to Suicide” Approach: an Alternative to What?

2:45 Facilitated Co-Reflection & Group Integration

3:30 Closing

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